The Giant Postcard™

It's like a giant magnet that pulls in the best customers.







Get Featured Directly In The Homes of 25,000+ Affluent Local Residents For Weeks!
Capture Attention. Spark Buyers. Explode Your Sales!
reserve Your Spot before
Your Competitors Do!
How do you get 25,000+ affluent local residents from the best neighborhoods to pay attention to your business, buy more, visit your store, and hire you?
Post a message on the crowded subway of social media and hope they see it?
Buy an infinite supply of digital ads and hope they click it?
Send emails to overloaded inboxes and hope they open it?

What if you can get billboard level exposure for your business for pennies?

(It's like combining the captive audience of the Super Bowl
with the crowds of holiday shopping...for weeks and months!)

The secret to how the Giant Postcard
drives customers and visitors to your business...

We LIMIT the number of businesses per giant postcard.
ONLY 16 invited businesses will get featured.


 Restaurant, Bar, Live Music Venue, Wellness Office, Spa, Farmers Market, Coffee Shop, Florist, Chiropractor, Gym, Pet Store, Accountant, Home Services, Salon, Retail Store, Medical Office, Real Estate Agent, Mortgage Broker, Financial Advisor, Insurance Agent, Tech Service, Landscaper, Auto Care, Attorney, Child Care Center, Therapist, Counselor, Hotel, Dentist, Veterinary, eCommerce store, Golf, Ski, Bookstore, Cafe.

And we LIMIT the number of ads to ensure your business 
gets maximum featured attention for days and weeks.

And because we all love a variety of incredible deals and lifestyle experiences, you'll benefit from being associated with
the best businesses your community has to offer! 

 Almost eliminating your competition so you get 
New Leads Visiting, Emailing, Calling You!

Residents Crave New Experiences To Try & Buy...
Give It To Them!







WE've COMBINED THE Easy Shopping of Amazon...
WITH the EXclusivity of The American Express Black Card...
for direct mail

The giant Postcard™

The Giant Postcard™ helps your small business get more visitors, leads, inquiries, and you can generate more sales... and significantly increase revenue.

And then the fun begins!

Grow you income, expand your business, pay off debts, travel more, spend more time with loved ones, and have cash to invest in new opportunities.

And eliminate the fear of running out of money, running out of new clients, and never getting out of the feast-to-famine cashflow cycle.

This is why attracting new customers in a proven, low-cost way is so essential to the success of your life and business. 

So ask yourself...

How many new clients do I need to exceed my revenue goals this quarter? This year?



Get Featured and Reach 25,000+  Local Buyers
We curate the best local neighborhoods and business district to attract customers that want to spend money.

Your business will be featured in front of working professionals, families, retirees, offices, and affluent adults.

Target residences with incomes exceeding $75,000 - $150,000+

And you're actually getting more attention.

Based on average household and business sizes over 50,000+ people get exposed to The Giant Postcard...per mailing!

Imagine your promotion in the homes of thousands of local residents as they shop all the experiences the Giant Postcard has to offer... including your deal!


No Commitment
No contract required.

No obligation to lock into multiple mailings.

No sales people bothering you to commit to expensive packages.

Just reserve your spot for this quarter, send us your ad, and go!

We'll take care of all the time-intensive, labor-heavy mailing, and printing details.

You focus on maximizing every visitor and lead that takes advantage of your deal!


The Best Engagement!
Unlike crowded online ads, social media posts, and coupon mailers you'll have almost no competitors to distract your audience.

You'll have their full attention for WEEKS!

The average email is kept for 17 seconds or less.

The average giant postcard is kept for 17 days or more.

Each giant postcard will feature a limited number of local businesses per mailing.

Your direct competitors will be ignored because you'll get in the right homes of new leads and visitors.

Individual small postcards and coupon mailers get thrown away.

But not the Giant Postcard because of the
marketplace of offers and experiences all on ONE massive postcard.


Big Brilliant Color & Quality
No Wal-Mart shortcuts here!

We use high quality, full color, glossy, 16 pt heavy cardstock that demands attention on a HUGE 9 inch x 12 inch postcard.

And if you need help with ad design, our graphic design partners can help you create an eye-catching ad.

Or use your favorite graphic design app to create a promotion that will have local residents calling, emailing, and texting you!


Massive Savings
Do-It-Yourselfers pay over $1.03 in printing, mailing, and design costs per postcard!

Even a small postcard can cost over 40¢ per card. That's expensive for mailing to thousands!

Not to mention hours of your time managing this massive mailing campaign.

A smarter strategy is to only pay a tiny fraction of the total cost, get other businesses to help pay for your ad, and you reap all the rewards of a sophisticated direct mail campaign.

It's incredibly easy, effective, and engaging!


Trackable ROI
Quickly determine how much profit you've made with redeemable offers and promotions to draw new customers in.

Holidays, special events, sales, new services, promotions, Small Business Saturday, enticing deals, packages, memberships, birthdays, bring-a-friend,  anniversaries, celebrations, charity-drives, game nights, festivals...

The more enticing your deal, the faster you'll see results!

Do the Math!

The average business that has an enticing offer gets response rates between 1% - 5% per thousand.  -Marketing Association

25,000 residents X 1% response = 250 inquiries/visitors

25,000 residents x 2% response = 500 inquiries/visitors

25,000 residents x 5% response =
1,250 inquiries/visitors

That's about 1-3 new visitors per day!

Is your current marketing accomplishing this level of engagement?

Get Featured Directly in Front of 25,000-50,000+
Local Residents From The Best Neighborhoods for Pennies.

Easy. Exclusive. Engaging!


Myth #1  Direct Mail Doesn't Work Anymore
From Google to high-end luxury brands, some of the world’s largest brands use direct mail to attract new clients and generate revenue.

When comparing response rates according to Advertising Age,
34 out of 1,000 prospects responded to direct mail if the promotion is enticing enough. 

While just 1 out of 1,000 prospects responded to e-mail.

Direct mail on average generates 34X more leads than all digital media combined!

Ask yourself:  How many new customers do I need per quarter to exceed my revenue goals?

Myth #2 No One Engages with Direct Mail
Direct mail receives response rates 6x greater than all digital channels combined!

It's like the difference between a Volkswagen Beetle and a FedEx Freight Truck!

Nearly 90% of purchase decisions are made at home (BusinessWire)

90% of direct mail gets read (ANA)

70% of consumers prefer traditional mail for unsolicited offers (ANA)

40% of Millennials regularly purchase items featured in direct mail ads (USPS)

62% of people who responded to direct mail make a purchase.

Nearly 6 out of 10 people buy from direct mail! (Small Biz Trends)

The average business that has an enticing offer gets response rates between 1% - 5% per thousand
(Marketing Association)

Social media, magazines, newspapers, TV, and radio just can't beat these stats!
 Myth #3 Direct Mail Is Way Too Expensive
Not exactly.
The fact is the return on investment for sending direct mail is exponentially higher!

Even better, direct mail outperforms all digital channels by nearly 600% combined.

Research shows direct mail has a lower cost per lead than any other marketing channel. Pennies in fact! 

On average, for every $167 spent on direct mail in the US, businesses sell $2095 in goods.

That's nearly a 1,300% return on investment!

It's like buying $1,000 worth of Apple stock and selling it for $13,000+ in less than a year!

On average for every $167 spent on direct mail in the U.S., businesses sell $2095 in goods. 

Nearly a 1,300% ROI.

That's like buying a house for $50K and selling it for $650K in less than a year!
Is your current advertising printing money   like this or draining your cash and time?

Get Your Offer Featured In Front Of Thousands of Local Residents... 
Social media, online ads, magazines, newspapers, coupon mailers, radio, tv, search engine optimization, Google My Business, directories, and review sites can't match the attention getting engagement of The Giant Postcard™.
For Days and Weeks...
Skip the spam folder!

When people see redeemable offers from local businesses they're highly motivated to
keep The Giant Postcard™ for WEEKS! 
Without Fail.
No more emails getting lost or going to junk!

No more crowded digital ads.

No more fighting over SEO phrases.

No more low click rates.

No more competing with social media noise.

No more competitor distractions.

It's Exclusive For Better Results!
and avoid all of this
Wasted Time....
Wasted Money....
More Stress....

more Reasons Why The Giant Postcard™ is more effective than other marketing Media

(Turn The Post Office Into Your On Demand Money Printing Sales Machine!)
People Actually Read Big Postcards Offers & Deals
Unlike TV, Radio, magazines.
It's nearly impossible to tell if anyone is paying attention to your message. 

Not to mention you can pay 10x - 30x more for an ad that will most likely be ignored since you don't have the marketing budget of Amazon & Google.

With The Giant Postcard™ people redeem, share, and act on incredible local deals and offers.
People Actually Redeem Incredible Postcard Deals
when you offer a good deal.
People will call, text, email, and visit your business to take advantage of motivating offers.

So be creative, fun, captivating, and unique with your ad.

And when they reach out that's your time to give them an experience worth raving about!

People Love To Try New Local Experiences & Services
so show them what's new!
Whether you're a new business or been in town for years...your community wants something new!

So give it to them!

The Giant Postcard™ features ads from a variety of businesses creating engaging new ways to enjoy life, de-stress, and save more.

That's why people keep this postcard for WEEKS!

(Unlike email, social media ads, magazines, and coupon mailers that get ignored and go to trash.)

Imagine having a waitlist of  new customers  and wrap around the block lines of curious visitors to your website, store, or office...highly motivated to try and buy your enticing offers.

The Giant Postcard™
It Drives Sales!

Get Featured in Front of 25,000+ Affluent Residents & Businesses

9x12 Full Color Giant Postcard 

Attention & Scarcity

Trackable ROI

No Contracts

No Excuses Guarantee 

Save Time

Save Money

Engage New Leads, Visitors & Customers

Your Price = Less than 11 ¢ Per postcard
OVER 90% OFF !!!
Do The Math!

The Giant Postcard Gives You Unparaelled Engagement!
25,000 residents x 1% response
= 250 inquiries/visitors

25,000 residents x 2% response = 500 inquiries/visitors

25,000 residents x 5% response = 1,250 inquiries/visitors

Imagine 1-3 new visitors per day!
Results will vary based On Ad

Don't Wait Until Next Quarter. Get Your Business  Featured Today .

The secret to this get-more-clients strategy is one word - SCARCITY!

LIMITED AD SPACE , so that people pay attention to either your business or your competitors!

We only mail to the
BEST NEIGHBORHOODS with average incomes of $75,000 - $150,000+. 

There's a LIMITED NUMBER OF BUSINESSES per postcard, so that people engage with your enticing offers and promotions.

We only mail QUARTERLY, so that people fully engage with your ad for weeks and look forward to the next postcard.

The postcard is MASSIVE! It stands out and captures attention!

BIGGER IS BETTER when it comes to the ROI on postcard campaigns (sorry small postcards and coupon mailers, you don't match up)!

And to have The Giant Postcard™ ROI work for you, you must take immediate action to reserve your featured spot before the next print deadline!

How Many New Customers Do You Need This Quarter to Exceed Your Revenue Goals? 

satisfaction guaranteed.

The No Excuses Guarantee.
If we fail to deliver on our promise to have your promotion on our big Giant Postcard arriving to 25,000+ total residents and businesses...and fail to deliver a high quality massive postcard filled with a marketplace of deals to your local community...

We'll work overtime to make it right!
No excuses, just solutions! 

You send us your ad on time.
We deliver as promised.
No excuses.

Here’s What People Are Saying

ABOUT the results of direct mail

“I was looking for ways to increase our sales.”
The direct mail campaign was instrumental in making us the success we are. It one of the best return on investments out of all our marketing. 
Insurance group
"We wanted a better way to automate getting more customers."
Of all the advertising we do, this direct mail campaign has been a sales machine! Customers rave how they watch for our next promotion!
"Trust them. They have experience and think creatively."
Despite being one of the toughest and most expensive audiences to reach, the direct mail campaign was able to engage several hundred new clients in less than a year.
Wellness Center

The Giant Postcard™
It Drives Visitors!

Get Featured in Front of 25,000+ Affluent Residents & Businesses

9x12 Full Color Giant Postcard 

Attention & Scarcity

Trackable ROI
No Contracts

No Excuses Guarantee 

Save Time

Save Money

Engage New Leads, Visitors & Customers
OVER 90% OFF !!!

frequently asked questions.

What Else Should I Know About The Mailing And The Audience? 
Here are the details...
Mailing Sequence - Each quarter we hand select quality mailing routes to ensure your ad drives leads from multiple affluent neighborhoods and business districts.

You are reserving for one quarter.
Each quarter you can choose to renew your spot or give it to a competitor.

In general we stay within a 10 mile radius of the featured neighborhood.

You have 10 days to submit your ad after reserving.

The postcards are mailed within 2-3 weeks of the printing deadline.

Postcard Size - A massive 9 inches x 12 inches.

Total Number of Residents & Businesses -

Quality of Residents - Working Professionals, Families, Offices, Retirees, & Affluent Adults. Average income $75,000 - $150,000+

Print Quality - Full color, glossy, 16pt heavy cardstock.

Ad Sizes - Choose from a variety of sizes ranging from 1 to 4 inches of ad space.

What If I Want Exclusivity For My Business Specialty?
Smart thinking!
It's only a matter of time before your competitors want to advertise with us. 

Our policy is to limit the number of featured businesses per mailing.

So the smart thing to do is reserve your space NOW!

And with each quarter you can renew and change your ad design to align with special events and new promotions.
I'm Not Good At Graphic Design. Can You Help Me?
If you're unable (or don't have the time) to design your ad...for a reasonable additional fee...our graphic design partners can help you design an ad.

Reserve your spot first and we'll give you instructions on how to schedule a conversation with our graphic design partners.

The Giant Postcard™
Get New Clients!

Get Featured in Front of 25,000+ Affluent Residents & Businesses

9x12 Full Color Giant Postcard 

Attention & Scarcity

Trackable ROI
No Contracts

No Excuses Guarantee 

Save Time

Save Money

Engage New Leads, Visitors & Customers
OVER 90% OFF !!!
More Questions?
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